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The Human Resource Management division of the Scientific Association for Business Economics and Management (SRRHH ACEDE) was created on September 14, 2008.

This division of ACEDE aims to promote scientific research and teaching in Human Resources Management, Organizational Behavior and Management Skills, focusing on current trends and the challenges that human resource management has to assume based on increasing changes in the environment.

The division organizes annually, since 2009, a Workshop aimed at analyzing the most relevant issues related to the management of human resources. Human Resource Management is approached from a triple perspective: research, teaching and business practice.

Since 2018, these Workshops include a Doctoral Workshop and a Teaching Innovation Workshop. The Doctoral Workshop is addressed to doctoral students who are starting research in this discipline. They have the opportunity to propose their thesis projects, which will be commented on by two doctors belonging to the division in order to provide ideas for improvement. Constructive and enriching ideas will be provided, also from those attending the workshop. On the other hand, the Teaching Innovation Workshop is configured as a forum in which teachers share their experiences in the classroom and the resources used, in order to improve the teaching of their subjects.

In addition, bimonthly webinars or seminars are held, in which conferences and debates are focused on current trends in any of the areas of interest of the division.

Additionally, the division maintains close collaboration with the Spanish Association AEDIPE, in order to serve as a bridge between the University and the Company, and thus contribute to the transfer of knowledge. On the one hand, we regularly have the participation of the division members in the Work Sessions, in which they share their business experiences and their main concerns in the field of Human Resources Management. On the other hand, we participate in the magazine published on a quarterly basis, contributing, in a popular article format, the results obtained in our current research, including implications for human resources managers.

In addition, we would like to count on all of you to explore new proposals with which to strengthen our ties of collaboration and increase our visibility. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can jointly analyze any new idea that allows us to move in both directions.

The members of the division can send their questions and suggestions to the Secretary of the division, María Dolores Vidal Salazar, through the following email address:

President: Suca Muñoz Doyague (University of León,

Vicepresident: Pilar Jerez Gómez (University of Almería,

Secretary: María Dolores Vidal Salazar (University of Granada,

Head of teaching and research: Andrés Salas Vallina (University of Valencia,


If you are an ACEDE member and have joined this division, you can consult related information about publications, teaching, and research here

If you are an ACEDE member and wish to become a member of the division (you can become a member of up to 3 divisions by paying the ACEDE general fee), please contact the division Secretary to request your incorporation.

If you are not a member of ACEDE, you can become a member here

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