Annual Conference of ACEDE

The main purpose of the Annual Conference of the ACEDE-Spanish Academy of Management is to provide a forum for discussion and debate on business-related topics, with a profound sense of academic and scientific rigor.

In accordance with international scientific standards, two specialised and anonymous reviewers will generally review all the manuscripts submitted to the conference. Those manuscripts that are accepted will be considered for an oral presentation at sundry parallel sessions or discussed at “interactive tables”. In both cases, papers will be grouped according to the topic they address. Furthermore, thesis projects will also be submitted and assessed, whereby the ones selected will be presented orally, either in a doctoral workshop or at a PhD colloquium.

Those papers accepted for presentation at the conference will follow a constructive double peer review. Firstly, each piece of work will be assessed, with suggestions for improvement, by two anonymous reviewers specialising in the topic. Additionally, all accepted works will also receive a constructive public analysis. If a piece of work is accepted for oral presentation, this analysis will be carried out by a senior scholar. If the piece of work is accepted for presentation at an “interactive table”, suggestions will be made by the other participants and by the chair of the session.

Thesis projects already accepted for presentation will receive a report either by a reviewer and the session chair or by scholars of acknowledged international prestige.


The conference’s main aims are as follows:

  • To provide a forum for discussion and debate on business-related topics, with a profound sense of academic and scientific rigor (create an open arena for scientific debate for furthering our knowledge and understanding of Business Management and Economics.
  • To draw conclusions and implications of use to both the academic and business worlds.
  • To foster quality research and continuous improvement through rigorous scholarship, discussion and debate, and constructive criticism.
  • To nurture interaction and the establishment of scientific networks and contacts among teaching staff and researchers interested in Business Management and Economics.
  • To bring the scientific community closer to society, the world of business, and the political institutions in our environment.


Organising committee: Universidad de A Coruña (Spain) The 29th ACEDE Conference will be held in A Coruña from 16-18 June 2019.


Submission Dates: Papers are to be submitted between 26 November 2018 and 22 January 2019. The management platform for submissions will come online on 19 November.

For more information, visit the Conference website: