About ACEDE - Spanish Academy of Management

The ACEDE - Spanish Academy of Management gathers teaching staff in higher education with a remit to bolster scientific research into the main issues involved in business administration and divulge that knowledge both to students and to managers.

ACEDE was set up in 1990, and since then it has consolidated its role as a forum for academics seeking to drive research and rigorous scholarship within the field of business administration and its constituent subjects, such as Financial Economics and Accounting, Marketing and Market Research, and Business Organisation.

Its main goals include the following:

  • Generate and disseminate knowledge on companies and other kinds of public and private institutions.
  • Provide a dynamic platform for supporting our members’ work, paving the way for sharing ideas and experiences, and providing opportunities for cooperation and mutual enrichment.
  • Facilitate and foster a fruitful dialogue with the business world that will contribute to the exchange of ideas and improve the administration of organisations.

The Association is organised into strategic interest groups (SIGs), which involve members sharing similar professional and academic interests. Each SIG organises its own activities within the framework of the Association, which include dedicated seminars on both teaching and research matters. They also provide access to a broad range of resources through their own sections on the website.

The Association’s main activities include the following:

  • Organisation of an annual congress that awards prizes for the best paper presented at the event and for the best paper by a fledgling researcher.
  • Publication of the journal BRQ-Business Research Quarterly, the successor of the CEDE journal (published between 1998 and 2013), with both featured in the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI).

ACEDE-Spanish Academy of Management currently has over 700 members and is open to all those teaching staff and professionals both in Spain and abroad that share our goals and feel impelled to improve both the teaching of management and research into it throughout the world. It is an affiliated organisation of EURAM.

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