ACEDE is an academic association

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XXX Conference ACEDE, Cartagena

XXX Conference ACEDE, Cartagena, September, 2020

Improving research and teaching in Economics and Business Management

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Opportunities to share ideas and collaborate

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ACEDE Annual Conference

ACEDE Conference

ACEDE is a professional association for management and organization scholars. It aims to advance scientific research into the main issues involved in business administration and divulge that knowledge both to students and to managers.

Its main goals include the following:

  • Generate and disseminate rigorous knowledge on the administration of companies and other kinds of public and private institutions.

  • Provide a dynamic platform for scholars in
    business administration, especially in the fields of Finance, Accounting, Marketing and Management, as an arena for sharing ideas and providing opportunities for cooperation and mutual enrichment.

  • Foster a fruitful dialogue with the business world that will help to improve the administration of organisations..

Improving research
and teaching in
Business Administration



XXX Conference ACEDE, Cartagena, September, 2020