The Entrepreneurship division (ENT) of the Spanish Academy of Management (ACEDE) was officially established in 2001, although the first meeting of this working group took place at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona back in 1999. Initially, the ENT division was called Entrepreneurial Function and New Venture Creation, until 2020 when it changed to the current name.

The ENT division brings together all members with shared interests in the new firm formation and entrepreneurial mindset. Currently, the division is made up of more than one hundred academics from all Spanish universities.

The ENT division’s main objective consists of promoting research, teaching, and knowledge transfer in the area of ​​entrepreneurship. Likewise, the division aims to (a) enhance collaboration with other international academic organizations, and (b) strengthen relations with public administrations and other decision-makers in the field of entrepreneurship.

Particularly, the ENT division seeks:

• To encourage the exchange of experiences, knowledge, and resources among all its members that facilitate teaching, research, and dissemination tasks in the field of new venture creation.

• To facilitate the interaction with agents and organizations from other non-university areas in such a way as to achieve a greater connection between knowledge transfer, research, and teaching in entrepreneurship, with the needs the business environment and society in general demand.

• To influence/participate in the design of policies to support and promote entrepreneurial activity.

• To analyze the management activities related to the field of entrepreneurship (managers, vice-chancellors, vice-deans of entrepreneurship), which are carried out in the universities. This serves to share experiences and strengthen the actions carried out in this area.

• To promote collaboration with the Spanish Entrepreneurship Observatory and the GEM, GUESSS, and PSED projects, among other international research initiatives related to entrepreneurship.

• To motivate critical analysis and collaboration among members of the division to strengthen academic activities in the field of entrepreneurship developed from the university.

Since 2012, the ENT division organizes an annual Workshop in Entrepreneurship, which, as of 2016 was merged with the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) conference. Currently, the “International Workshop in Entrepreneurship Research (GEM-ACEDE)” is organized jointly with the Spanish Entrepreneurship Observatory.  

Below there are other activities/initiatives the ENT division develops:

• ENT division meetings (i.e., an annual meeting within the ACEDE Conference –June–, an annual meeting coinciding with the Workshop in Entrepreneurship –September-, and a virtual meeting at the beginning of the year –January).

• Collaboration with ACEDE to grant the ENT division award to the best entrepreneurship paper presented at the ACEDE Conference.

• Organization of the award for the best paper presented at the “International Workshop in Entrepreneurship Research (GEM-ACEDE)”

• Publication of the ENT division Newsletter (January and July) with information regarding the results of different activities carried out by the division and relevant information in the field.

The committee chair consists of:

PresidenteRafael Ventura 

VicepresidenteNuria Calvo

Secretaria: Sofía Louise Martínez

From the ENT division, we would like to count on all of you to explore new proposals, which help everybody within the division strengthen ties of collaboration and increase the division’s visibility. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can jointly analyze any new ideas that enable the division to move forward.

Members from the ENT division are encouraged to share queries and suggestions to the division secretary, Sofía Louise Martínez who can be contacted through the following email address: sofia.martinez@uma.es


If you are an ACEDE member and have joined this division, you can consult related information about publications, teaching, and research here

If you are an ACEDE member and you wish to become a member of this division (you can become a member of up to 3 divisions by paying the ACEDE general fee), please contact the division Secretary to request your incorporation. 

If you are not a member of ACEDE, you can become a member here

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