Número especial de "Sustainability" sobre Co-creation of Sustainable Tourism Experiences


Número especial de "Sustainability" sobre Co-creation of Sustainable Tourism Experiences

Special Issue Information

Sustainability is one of the most important challenges that humanity faces. The UN has set 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to eradicate poverty, protect the planet, and ensure everyone’s prosperity. Regarding the business sector, this commitment has been reflected in the UN Global Compact Network, whose mission is to promote business sustainability by implementing ten universal principles of behavior and action, related to human rights and business, labor standards, the environment, anti corruption strategies, and daily operations of all types of entities, and thus favor achieving sustainable development goals. 
Tourism is one of the main economic sectors of a global scale; it has had a significant impact on human rights, labor, and the environment. The hospitality industry is increasingly concerned about the SDGs, but this awareness is directly connected with tourists’ demands. Current tourists seek pleasant experiences and, even if they are gradually more committed to the environment and human rights, the role that sustainability plays in tourist experiences is still unclear. Tourism experience is a multidimensional construct focusing on a tourist’s cognitive, emotional, behavioral, sensorial, and social responses throughout the entire tourism journey (before, during, and after). 
The target of the Special Issue is to disseminate the latest high-quality interdisciplinary research in the domain of sustainability and tourist experiences, within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This Special Issue will try to uncover and present the latest developments in the co-creation of sustainable tourism experiences. 
For this Special Issue, we welcome papers dealing with case studies, literature reviews, survey findings, analytical methods, and tools that explain the co-creation of sustainable tourism experiences. Some examples that can be included as topics of interest could be:
  • Studies of sustainable tourist destinations and tourism experiences;
  • Studies of the sustainable hospitality industry and tourism experiences cases;
  • Studies of tourism behavior: Tourism experiences measurement, perception of sustainability, tourism engagement/loyalty/satisfaction/recommendation, and so on;
  • Cross-cultural studies of co-creation of sustainable tourism experiences;
  • Policy-making and government initiatives in sustainable tourism experiences;
  • Tourismofobia and tourism experiences;
  • Corporate social responsibility initiatives (economic, social, and environmental) and tourism experiences;
  • Ethics and tourist experiences.
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Prof. Miguel Angel Moliner 
Prof. Rosa María Rodríguez
Prof. Diego Monferrer
Guest Editors