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Octubre, 2018
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Septiembre, 2018
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26 Feb, 2018
Call for papers: Beyond the Department: HRM as a Shared Function - Baltic Journal of Management

This special issue calls for research that investigates the various HRM agents in the shared function of HRM delivery, for example (but not limited to):

  • HRM professionals at different levels and functions (e.g. HRM department personnel, business partners)
  • Senior/Strategic managers / CEOs / Top management teams (TMT)
  • Frontline managers / middle managers / line managers
  • Project and functional managers
  • External consultants and HR service providers, including outsourced shared service centers and offshoring agencies
  • Trade Unions
  • Employees at different roles and levels of the organization
  • Most importantly, the interactions and forms of cooperation between any of the previously listed HRM agents.

Both empirical and conceptual contributions that benefit from strong theoretical foundations are welcome. Authors will be asked to contribute articles that not only make a theoretical contribution with appropriate scholarly standards of data collection and analysis, but also that contribute to practitioners’ capacity to interpret the findings for an organisational and workplace context.

To be considered for publication in the special issue full manuscripts should be submitted by November 15, 2018. Anticipated publication date of the special issue is early 2020.

Manuscript submission. Manuscripts should be prepared following the author guidelines and submitted through ScholarOne Manuscripts

For any further questions, please contact the Corresponding Guest Editor Anna Bos-Nehles at 


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