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Septiembre, 2018
21 Sep, 2018. Próximos call for papers
  Información sobre dos próximos Call for Papers, de interés para los...  
Agosto, 2018

30 Dic, 2017
Próximas convocatorias sobre empresa familiar


Próximos congresos y talleres sobre empresa familiar.

Valladolid, Spain, June 24-26, 2018

Theme: Generating and Transferring Knowledge in a Changing and Interconnected Society

The 28th ACEDE Conference will take place in Valladolid (Spain) under the generic theme “Generating and Transferring Knowledge in a Changing and Interconnected Society”. The aim to focus the debate on one of the main challenges that firms must address nowadays: operating in a society in a social scenario characterized by a high connectivity among individuals. It is in this scenario where new ideas arise and are interchanged, and where new business opportunities arise too.

Submission deadline: 
January, 15 2018

14th Workshop on Family Firm Management Research
Larnaca, Cyprus, May 17-19, 2018
Theme: Entrepreneurial Families Across Generations

Keynote Speakers: Carole Howorth (Chair of Sustainable and Ethical Entrepreneurship, University of York, UK) and Lloyd Steier (Professor of Strategic Management & Organization; Distinguished Chair, Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise, University of Alberta School of Business, Canada)

Submission deadline: January 25, 2018

FERC 2018   
Guadalajara, Mexico, June 7-9, 2018

Theme:  Family Traditions and Culture: Values and Legacy in Entrepreneurial Families


The Family Enterprise Research Conference (FERC) is dedicated to developing a community of scholars interested in conducting research to further our understanding of family firms and creating usable knowledge in this field.

The 2018 conference will focus on values and legacy in entrepreneurial families. Family traditions and culture influence the family’s behavior and the company’s philosophy. The way an employee behaves within the family firm is a reflex on the values the family has shared through day-to-day contact. We encourage participants of this conference and other family business researchers to explore family traditions and culture influence on entrepreneurial family´s behavior, performance, and strategies, along with their influence on family’s behavior, dynamics, ventures, and strategic choices.

Submission deadline: February 2 2018

IFERA 2018   
Zwolle, The Netherlands, July 3-6, 2018

Theme: Coping with Disruptions: Family Firm Continuity and Sustainability in Times of Rapid Change

The International Family Enterprise Research Academy, IFERA, invites papers that add knowledge to the selected conference theme “Coping with Disruptions: Family Firm Continuity and Sustainability in Times of Rapid Change”. In addition, we invite papers on all aspects of family business research, including but not limited to succession, leadership, governance, entrepreneurship, innovation, strategy, marketing, organizational behavior, sociology, family psychology, history, economics, finance and accounting, as well as topics that lie at the intersection of these and other interrelated disciplines. All theoretical and methodological approaches are welcome. As “engaged scholarship” is highly valued in the conference host organization, researchers are encouraged to reflect, next to the theoretical contribution, on the practical implications of their studies.

The deadline for ALL submissions: February 5, 2018


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